Prepare for the upcoming school year with our helpful back to school refrigerator organization guide. You will streamline your routine and have lunches and snacks packed in a jiffy! We’ll show you how to organize a refrigerator to make things easy enough for even little hands to find what they need.

Back to School Refrigerator Organization

Want indispensable refrigerator hacks? We’ve got you covered! Check out these easy tips to make life easier.

Deep Clean Your Refrigerator

A good deep clean begins with a thorough purging.

  1. Take everything out the fridge and set on the counters and kitchen table.
  2. Throw out all old, expired, or “not going to eat it” foods.
  3. Wipe down all surfaces with a disinfectant or vinegar/water solution. Don’t forget the drawers and the door!

*Maintenance tip: If you ever notice that your refrigerator isn’t cold, it may be due to overstuffing it with items. Be sure the avoid blocking the air vents between compartments when organizing your refrigerator.

Use Refrigerator Shelf Liners

Before returning any food to the refrigerator, line the shelves with plastic mats to make spills, drips, goop, and general cleanup easy. Use decorative shelf liner or plastic placemats to make the shelves look pretty. This is the festive part of back to school refrigerator organization!

refrigerator shelf liners

Image from Crazy Organized


Maximize Space with Storage Bins

Make use of bins, baskets, drawer dividers, and suctioned pockets to create categories of foods. This makes it easy to pull a bin out to access items way in the back, and pockets help provide easy access for smaller items. Label your bins with “Eat Me First,” “Sauces,” or “Herbs” to make it even more user-friendly and save money on wasted food.

refrigerator hacks

Image from Goodful


Try a Refrigerator Lazy Susan

Lazy Susans are a great way to store multiple items that are frequently used. Place the refrigerator Lazy Susan on a lower shelf and twirl to get what you want! Back to school refrigerator organization has never been so easy!

refrigerator lazy susan

Image from Goodful


Refrigerator Door Organization

The refrigerator door is perfect for storing items that will not spoil easily. For example, the door is not the best place for dairy products or meat. Here are suggestions for what to store in refrigerator door compartments:

  • Condiments organized into an egg carton
  • Kids drinks and snacks on the bottom
  • Cold pantry items, like grains or dried fruits
what to store in refrigerator door

Image from Simply Self Storage


If your refrigerator isn’t running as it should though, now is the time to get it serviced. Schedule refrigerator repair Prescott while things are still slow and leisurely. Because when you’ve got a busy household and kids to care for, back to school refrigerator organization is a must! You’ll kick yourself for not doing it sooner.